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Terms of Service

1. By enlisting the photography or design services of Sam Harrison ("Sam"), trading as Sam Harrison Photography or otherwise, you consent to the following terms.


2. Any pictures taken or produced for you and delivered to you by Sam ("Works") are yours to use and distribute as you like, with or without use of a watermark or other acknowledgement, for personal purposes. However, Sam retains copyright in the Works (in accordance with section 21(4) of the Copyright Act 1994) and they are not to be sold, rented, or otherwise used or distributed for consideration without written consent from Sam. Such consent may be conditional on acknowledgement, payment of royalties, or any other terms, and is offered at Sam’s absolute discretion.


3. Sam makes no guarantees as to the quality of any Works. In particular, photos will occasionally be unusable due to issues such as misfocus, overexposure etc. By enlisting Sam's photography services you accept this risk.


4. Sam retains the right to use all Works in any way, including but not limited to publishing copies of any or all of the Works on his Facebook page, website or other promotional material. Please expressly arrange beforehand if you do not want this to occur, or contact Sam if you want any such Works removed from the website or Facebook page.


5. Payment for Sam’s services is due within one week of the date of the service unless arranged otherwise. Delivery of the Works may be withheld until payment is received in full.


6. These terms are current as of 5 June 2023, and are subject to change without notice. Please contact Sam if you have any questions.


The contents of this website, including but not limited to all pictures, are copyright © 2023 Sam Harrison. 

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